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Welcome to The Apparel Agency

finished clothes on a clothing rack in the apparel agency studio

The Apparel Agency was born from a need to bridge the gap between development and production in the apparel industry,

Starting with as little as a sketch. We help designers refine their ideas and conceptualize full assortment plans based on current market trends and competitor analysis. During the process, we help curate the right materials and trims to fit our client’s development and production needs. Our technical team focuses on building a garment against target cost.

Refining custom patterns, tech packs, and prototypes to get our clients truly ready for the factory. Once the development process is complete, we provide high quality management solutions with factory partners worldwide, with a special focus on small batch manufacturing. We go beyond the standard cut and sew model.

We have long standing relationships with factories we trust and they trust us in return. We source, we create, we develop, we produce, we deliver, we are the apparel agency.