Sample Making

The Apparel Agency Provides you with services that fit your needs! With our expert designers and sample makers, we make the sample making process fast and easy.

pin cushion buttons needle thread image

3D Prototypes equal samples that promote less wasted material and faster turn around times!

With the finest attention to detail, our sample makers, cut and sew each garment by hand. With the added bonus of digital 3D pattern making software, we turn your product into a virtual 3D prototype that makes for less errors in the product development process, and less wasted materials. Saving you time and money with less of an environmental impact as most other traditional processes!

New 3D technology with traditional results!

Need to see multiple styles, trims, colors, prints, textures or materials before production? We got you covered! Want to know the difference between cotton vs muslin or organza vs chiffon? No more waiting for ordered materials from fabric vendors, we are able to test and switch up virtually any material within our digital fabric library to fit your apparel or clothing project! You'll see instant data and visual results on your new virtual 3D avatar!

Graphic design of asissors, thread and buttons
Avatar 3d fittings

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