Production Planning

Production Planning

Receive expert guidance throughout the apparel production process.

Quality apparel constructions equal trusted apparel brands

The Apparel Agency guides each client through the process of bulk apparel production. After the pre-production sample is approved, when the factory is ready to start, the factory begins the process of manufacturing garments customized from raw fabrics. We work as the production management to make sure that every garment is built with the highest standard of garment construction techniques. Quality control and full transparency in the fashion manufacturing industry means everything, when gaining your retail consumer’s trust.

A process you can rely on!

We look for consistency and errors in sewing, colors and garment strength. The Apparel Agency works as a personal liaison between brand and factory, to make sure that every clothing line made by the factory is built with apparel production quality in mind. Our expert team knows what it takes from cut and sew garment manufacturers to produce retail store ready products. Speak with our apparel production management team today for more info!

Get production ready fast with our custom apparel design and management services!

From concept to consumer we’re here to help you get your apparel line ready for production. Click below to learn more about the services we provide in our custom apparel package.

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