Pattern Making

Pattern Making

We supply you with the best pattern makers and designers in the fashion and apparel industry!

We utilize 3D patterns to help make your apparel production faster, more cost efficient and more sustainable!

Traditional apparel pattern makers with high tech design tools!

Our 3D Pattern Makers scan fabrics using the newest and most technologically advanced processes in the fashion industry. By digitally scanning real life materials and fabrics, we can instantly see the garment fit, drape, measurements, and styling of every design before it hits garment production! This equals faster pattern design, sample making, and grading with less errors, less material waste, more sustainable garment development, and faster fit turn around times with our 3D Avatar fittings!

Sustainable, Cost effective and Fast

Need help with pattern making for your apparel line idea? Do you want to save money on garment production while being at the forefront of sustainability in the Fashion and Apparel industry? Have a current brand that you want to make more sustainable or eco-friendly? Speak with the best clothing pattern makers in the fashion industry and start a project with the Apparel Agency today!

Material Sourcing

Style development begins with the perfect fabrics, trims, and notions.

Technical Design

Work with our design team to create flats, specifications, & colorways

Pattern Making

Watch your designs come to life with our specialty 3D pattern making.

Pattern Grading

Tailor your patterns to perfection in the complete size range of your choice.

Sample Making

Get ready to manufacture your clothing with professional apparel samples.

Sample Fitting

Review the fit of your clothing in a world-class apparel fitting.

Logo Design

Go beyond Apparel, Make your Brand pop across all visual Mediums! Online, in retail, on print, and on tv.

Label Design

Work with our design team to find the perfect Labels for your Garments.

Hangtag Design

Pop out of the crowd in retail and tell your brands story with an amazing Hangtag!

Custom Trim Design

Make your dreams a reality with the perfect custom trims, and notions.

Dye & Wash Specifications

Achieve the right look and feel of your fabrics with our expert dye and wash knowledge.

Surface & Print Design

From patterns, text and graphics that pop to faded vintage looks and floral patterns, Get your prints done to perfection

Start your own clothing line. We’ll show you how.