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The Apparel Agency Prepares your clothing brand or apparel line for manufacturing with pre-production sampling and approvals.

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There are multiple stages of pre-production before your product reaches the factory for large or small batch manufacturing and We are with you every step of the way! From pre-production sample to fit sample to digital 3d virtual samples, we offer personalized guidance with our manufacturing preparation support to make sure your product is ready for bulk production. This includes things like counter sourcing to see what fabrics, materials, or hardware accessories, already exists in the materials or fabric market. When sourcing fabrics, we also look for things like fabric weight, fabric construction (knit or woven fabric), and a fabric's finish and treatments. We help guide you through bulk material orders, dye approvals and all pre-production approvals for sample.

Preparing for manufacturing takes expert knowledge and experience through every stage of a garments development. When you work with the Apparel Agency, Not only do you get access to our large and growing material and production network, but We also work with you as your material , fabric, and factory sourcing agent. Our team speaks with factories, vendors and manufactures on your brands behalf!

Get production ready fast with our step-by-step process for starting a clothing line.

From concept to consumer we’re here to help you get your apparel line ready for production.

Customize. Elevate your clothing brand.

From concept to consumer we’re here to help you get your apparel line ready for production.

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