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From Fabric and trim placement to stitch type and prototype review. We research for every design need to create a highly detailed Bill of Materials (BOM) for the manufacturing of your apparel products.

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Success in the Fashion industry takes detailed planning and management. With our amazing technical fashion designers and apparel sourcing consultation team, we work with our clients to collaborate with factories, vendors and manufacturers to help our clients make the most difficult decisions in pricing and design planning. We create a bill of materials, listing all of the perfect tools, gradings, colors, labels, hardware ( zippers, buttons etc....), materials, dyes, trims and notions (for function and aesthetic design), or fabrics, for each part of a garment, with every detail for quantity and quality. With the right estimates, trend forecasting, material costs in place early on in the sourcing and design process, we are able to reduce time, cost and over all material waste (more environmentally friendly!).

We make sure you won't order more than you need or order materials that might not work later on in your factory production. This takes expert knowledge of technical designs as well as impeccable knowledge of the current trends in the material and fabric manufacturing industry. That's where the Apparel Agency Comes in! Start a new clothing line or apparel brand today and speak with one of our many expert consultants now to make sure you have the perfect plan in place!

Get production ready fast with our step-by-step process for starting a clothing line.

From concept to consumer we’re here to help you get your apparel line ready for production.

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From concept to consumer we’re here to help you get your apparel line ready for production.

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