The fastest way to get factory ready is to work with us on prototypes. We’ll create everything needed to prepare you for Production. Through pattern drafting, draping and digital creation, we offer unparallelled success when it comes to getting it right.

To get your designs ready for the factory floor, we bring things to life through customized pattern, tech pack and prototype development. Our in-house team of development experts uses their high level of skill to build your garments and prepare you for the factory floor. Our knowledge of materials, technical design, fit and form is supported by our extensive pattern block libraries that include developed fits for all markets from childrenswear to plus sizing – knits to full fashion. Within this plan we provide cut and sew of your first prototypes (materials not included) further ensuring your production success.

Tech Packs

To get properly prepared for prototype production, we’ll create a techpack, which is our standardized spec sheet, outlining all of the requirements needed during the manufacturing process.

Pattern Making

Combined with the tech pack, patterns round out the requirements needed to prepare a style for prototype production, along with any pattern grading needed for appropriate size and fit requirements.

Cut and Sew

The final step in the process, where we bring your design to life, preparing physical final cut samples. These represent the final product of your line, and can be used to pre-sell and prepare you for full production.