Through our Discovery phase, the path to the outcome becomes clear. We’ll help you gather industry insights, uncover market trends, and create a strategy that will put you in the best position to begin prototyping and producing your line.

The first step in our development process is called Discovery, and is all about research and planning. Using WGSN and InStock, we give your company current industry insight into today’s market trends; delivering a presentation with a focus on your unique product assortment, merchandise strategy, competitive pricing and development plan that fits your brand’s market approach.

Market Research

Through our combined expertise, we’ll create a comprehensive trend report, which includes all of the key details surrounding the desired category and season, up to 2 years out. This, alongside thorough visual references and inspiration will help guide our plan.

Strategic Planning

Based on our trend analysis and forecast, we can begin to cost-budget plan for your desired category and season. This deeper look gives us the foothold we need to plan for any potential constraints, and identify the greatest opportunities for ROI in the market.

Generate Insights

With the benefit of expert intelligence and forecasting data, we can tap our industry expertise to build insights and identify key styles that offer the greatest opportunity in the market and ROI. These insights form the foundation of your line, and detail where we can help along the way.